White Space = Write Space?

My husband gave me a printer for Christmas. It’s an inexpensive little thing, an HP that was priced $35 during the holiday season. I inaugurated it in January: first print job I sent to the cheap HP was my Ellora’s Cave contract. Last week, a couple of days after I finished this draft of dragon book 3, I sent that to the printer as well. The margins came out weird and screwy. I have 96 pages of text tucked into the upper left 2/3 of the page, and about 3 inches of white space as the bottom margin, 2 inches as the right margin. NO idea how that happened. I probably could have saved myself 20 sheets of paper if the margins came out the way they were supposed to. But what can you do? No point printing it a second time–it’s just a revisions copy.

At the urging of my CP, I left it sitting on the dining room table until today, and picked it up this morning to start with the revisions. First thing I’m doing is reading through and making changes where I’m dissatisfied with the story. After that, I’ll address my editor’s first comments. I started the revisions reluctantly–I don’t like to go in and eyeball my work critically. I prefer to get it as close to right on the first shot as possible. I anticipated a tooth-pulling experience…

But as soon as I sat down with the green pen and all that white space, I started writing. That never happens when I’m editing on screen–when I’m doing that, I usually feel kind of claustrophobic, like I’m in a cramped little box and I’m trying to shoehorn another person in with me.  Don’t laugh–I only got through two pages–I had to get ready for work. But it’s good material added to those two pages. I don’t know whether it’s because I have an urge to fill up white space, or having all that on paper instead of on the computer opened up the room, so to speak, but whatever the reason, revising on paper is working for me this time around. I hope it keeps going smoothly–only 94 pages to go!



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4 responses to “White Space = Write Space?

  1. inezkelley

    And this is why I print out a chapter at a time and sit down with a sharpie pen. It really does free the mind. You’re not in a box, excellent way to put it. And I “see” mistakes easier for some reason. I chalk it up to being old and learning to write before computers.

  2. aj

    I never had a printer until about two weeks ago and I did the same thing to Glitch and I saw things that had slipped by myself and two CP’s. It really does work.

  3. Maybe because the paper isn’t lit up. 🙂 My eyes eventually get tired of looking at text on the screen in an analytical manner.

  4. aj

    There’s actually a proven fact that computers refresh so often that its actually harder to retain written information from a computer screen so it probably makes editing harder too.

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