Thirteen things a Romance Writer Needs

Yeah, kinda cheating today. Making this up as I go along, but HEY, isn’t that what I do all the time anyway? This is my first attempt at a Thursday 13 type deal so be gentle with me.*bats eyes coyly*


#13- A computer. Seriously, how did authors do rewrites before Cut/delete/paste/insert?  It amazes me.
#12- A space to store stuff. I don’t mean an office all to yourself, although that would be nice. I use a simple box. Yep, cardboard. It keeps most of these things in one place so I don’t have to go hunting for them when the muse strikes. It sits beside the computer and is never moved for fear of death. Ask my children.

#11- A good collegiate dictionary/thesaurus. DO NOT rely on the MS word one. It sucks.

#10- A friend who loves you dearly and would think it was wonderful if you peed on apiece of paper and asked them to read it. In my world,  this role is played by my husband.

#9- A friend who is strong enough to tell you when something you wrote sucks. And something will, don’t fool yourself.

#8- A really really good vibrator.  ‘Nuff said

#7- A hunger to read. Do you know there are people in the world who have not read a book since school?  And they claim to be happy. Poor delusional folks.

#6- Bootstraps. Trust me, one day you will need them to pull yourself up by and move forward on that manuscript that got slammed by #9 .

#5- A grammar book that does not make you fall asleep. I suggest the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Grammar.  If I wasn’t a linkage idot, I could link you. Just Google it.

#4- Chocolate. Or coffee. Or both.

#3- Two working brain cells which are in communication with each other.

#2- Access to research. The easiest and cheapest way is internet searching. But that is not enough. Get a library card. Use it. Contact professions you are writing about. Visit them, take notes. If you find an  interesting subject or bit of info, grab it and store it. You never know when you are going to need to know what type of insects live in South Carolina or what train engine was made before 1890.

And the #1 thing a romance writer needs?

AN IMAGINATION!!  99.99% of us will never fall in love with  bajillionaire, get kidnapped by a lunatic and rescued by a hard bodied FBI Agent, get amnesia and wake up married to our sister’s husband or time travel back to Ancient Rome. But if you can imagine it, and make it believable, then your job just got a whole lot easier. Not to mention all the stories that have never been told. At least not in your way. By you.

So how’d I do my first time?

Was it good for you?

It was for me.



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24 responses to “Thirteen things a Romance Writer Needs

  1. Yep, chocolate and coffee. I think I’d move them closer to #1.

    Great list, Inez.

  2. Excellent list!!!! I especially agree with #’s 1, 8 & 9. Great first job.

    Happy TT!

  3. I totally agree. Can you imagine doing drafts on typewriter? *gasp*

  4. MMmmm. Chocolate… caffeine is always good. Great TT, Inez, but don’t think you can get away with this sort of fun and frivolity every week. 😉

  5. Looks like you covered them all–except maybe a bag of Cheetos by your desk. LOL!

  6. #4 please. I just have Godiva and Starbucks back a truck up to my door at this stage. LOL! Great list. All true.

  7. LOL You done good! Although you could have warned me about number 8. Coffee doesn’t taste so good coming out yer nose. lol Happy T13!

  8. I have some form of most of the above, so I guess I could consider myself lucky.

    Now if I could just find an agent…


    Great TT!

  9. talesfromthecrit

    I love number one. How about being kidnapped by your brother in law, a hard bodied former FBI agent turned millionaire who has mild amnesia from his periodic trips back in time to ancient Rome.


  10. Jen

    You need two brain cells that work? Crap. Maybe THAT’S my problem. LOL.

  11. I swear by #8. I really do.

  12. Lisa Stevens

    Fabulous 🙂

  13. “A friend who loves you dearly and would think it was wonderful if you peed on apiece of paper and asked them to read it.” OMG! *ROFL*

  14. Great list! I agree that we all need all those things.

    Love the “Two working brain cells which are in communication with each other.”


  15. I’ve never done a T13. Great Inez. And so like you. Number 8! And I thought those yellowed words were just highlights.

  16. Hilarious! But a lot of truth in there too. Great TT.

  17. #8, yeah. Um hm.

    Cheeky girl!

  18. Great list! I’m new to the whole romance writing biz so this helps me alot. *smile* Thanks!

  19. I loved it, Inez! It’s all true! *tips hat*

  20. Great list, Inez. You struck it right about what keeps us ticking.

  21. Spidey

    Amen sistah!

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