Random Bits of Information on Publishing

Agent Kristen Nelson writes a great blog titled Pub RantsThis week, she’s been explaining Payment Schedules and the growing trend among the NY publishing houses toward Payment on Publication.

Check it out. Kristen’s blog is always full of excellent information.

Next up: synopsis writing!

I just finished writing a synopsis for the YA I’m subbing to agents, so I’ve got them on the brain. Why is it that we can write 100,000 word novels, but a 2- to 5-page synopsis terrifies us? I don’t know, but I’ve met very few writers who are comfortable creating these little suckers.

If you have a synopsis in your future, I recommend The Sell Your Novel Took Kit by Elizabeth Lyon. Her “Starter Kit for a Synopsis” is a great tool. Check it out!

A few tips for writing synopses:

  • Don’t do chapter summaries. You’ll end up with a listing of events when what you really want is to demonstrate that the story is character driven, that the events spring from your characters’ goals, motivation and conflict.
  • Limit the characters you name to four or five. Include your POV character, a main character or two, and your antagonist. Refer to secondary characters by their roles (best friend, teacher, minion, etc.)
  • No matter what tense and POV you’ve chosen for your novel, write the synopsis in third-person present tense. Remember, the synopsis is the author’s summary of the novel.
  • Every word counts in a short summary, so make sure you use specific nouns and expressive verbs. Vague words have no place in this document.

Go…write a synopsis that entrances the reader and creates a need to read the entire manuscript. Sell your masterpiece!

And finally…a random bit of promotion for an anthology of fairy stories…(In case you haven’t read my introduction, I love faeries and dragons and things that go bump in the night!)

In the Gloaming: An Anthology of Faerie Stories by Various

Faeries come from all cultures and countries and range in appearance from lovely to terrifying to looking like an everyday person. Some are benign, some malevolent. Based on actual faerie lore, this anthology incorporates the work of five spectacular authors who have penned tales of iridescent ice beings, fey men who love you into forgetfulness, frightening creatures who wear caps of human skin, enchanted lovers from a long lost era, and the land of faerie dreams.

Step into the world of glamour where the beautiful, the dreamy, the vicious, and even a bit of the sexually bizarre will captivate you.

Authors: Cora Zane, Esmerelda Bishop, K.M. Frontain, Nita Wick, and Kelley Heckart
Rating: Up to Sizzling
Book Length: Novel
Price: $5.75
Genre: Fantasy/Anthology


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