Release week is over

Now it’s time for pouting. My book cover isn’t on the publisher’s front page anymore, somebody else has a sale or release and the fawning is redirected from me to…someone not me. This is where the promotion of a book becomes extra important. It was important for me to let people know the book exists, especially people who didn’t know to look for my work at a new publisher and people who don’t check the Ellora’s Cave front page every week to see what’s new, but now? Now you have to do some real digging to find my book on the publisher’s site. Goodbye easy front-page sales, hello regular need to remind people the book exists. 🙂

All this week Ally and MJ at are holding a contest wherein folks who comment on the blog could win a download of my Ellora’s Cave e-book, “All the Trees in Pearl.” They generously provided blab space for me so I could talk about sexual insecurities away from my own site and away from here. Stop by. I talk about oral sex and masturbation and all sorts of things.

Today I’m also doing this chat thing at Love Romances Cafe, a yahoogroup frequented by romance readers – if you want to stop by.

What I have NOT been doing lately is writing. I should do more of that because I really dig Release Week and I want another one.

Gotta get back on the saddle, right? A writer’s work is never done. 🙂



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2 responses to “Release week is over

  1. Inez Kelley

    Now here is where I can say the grass is greener.

    Never having a release (YET!), I do nothing but write. I went from one WIP to the next with a day in between. I keep telling myself one day it will pay off and I will have that bask in the fawning of a release day.

    Hop back on the bandwagon, EM!! You will be back in the saddle and no time.

  2. You keep writing the way you are, Inez, so when release day comes you’re not like me and don’t have another one to start looking forward to lol. I need to build a backlog of manuscripts for myself!

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