I’ve done it! I have become overloaded with things to do. I never thought I would but I have. And as someone who enjoys the pressure of several projects I sadly don’t know how to say NO. But I have come to my limit. That’s it! No more!

Ok, that’s what I keep telling these new characters in my head. It began about a week ago. These tiny whispers in my ear, hinting at a new story. I tried to ignore it but it was useless. The more I resisted the louder the character whispers became until they were drowning out my current MS characters.

So, I stopped what I was doing and wrote down the scene these new characters were telling me about. It could turn into a really cute plot that I would love to write. Someday.

The good news is, since I wrote down the scene I haven’t heard even the faintest of whispers. Not a peep, hum or anything hinting that they plan to bug me anytime soon.

Now I ask you, what do you do when new characters try to take over and refuse to leave you alone?


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One response to “Overload

  1. inez kelley

    I would love to answer right now but there are three characters talking in my head and I can’t concentrate.

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