Housecleaning & names too

Friday night, my amazing CP and I took turns going through our Ws-IP folder and cleaning house. I threw out a premise, how long ago I’d worked on it, how I felt about it at that point, and she gave the Keep It, Delete It verdict. I returned the favor. Have you done this recently? It’s so refreshing – like a good, thorough spring cleaning, windows washed and cobwebs out of the corners.

Now that the dangling projects, the projects I was determined to finish even though I hated them, the everything-else-uninteresting projects are gone (gone!) I’m free to start fresh. I’ve been trying to get to this Clean Slate stage for ages.

If only I could make up my mind about some names. And settings. And whether I really want to keep the flower-print skort I bought last week.

Listen, question: With this new project o’ mine, a paranormal, the paranormal elements are based upon Russian folklore and the paranormal society heirarchy is modeled after the Russian royal lineup of princes and princesses. Would you as a reader be annoyed by the stylized Russian names? Or would they make sense to you? I (surprise surprise) can’t decide.



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2 responses to “Housecleaning & names too

  1. Ally

    I cleaned out my hard drive when I got my new computer, but since…I’ve really packed a lot of junk into this new one. I should go through and weed some crap out, now that you mention it.

    As far as the names go, I think you should try to be “authentic” about it. Use Russian names. Given ’em nicknames from those if it’s easier, but keep it as real as possible. Just my two cents…

    How’s the hiatus going, BTW? Now so well here…as you can probably guess since I’m commenting. LOL

  2. Not so well here either on the hiatus. 🙂 Okay. Russian names it is. I have to write something soon or my mentor might fly to Maryland and slap me.

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