In The Event Of An Emergency

The other night I wasn’t feeling very well. Actually thought I might need to go to the E.R. but my stubbornness and I refused to go. I think I can see this recent episode of illness out without the need of a $3000 medical bill.

So it was a night like any other. I wasn’t feeling well and was about to take one of my prescribed pain pills and try to get some sleep. Now for one, I rarely take my pain pills. I HATE taking pills. But I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the pain either.

I never got the chance…

Our Shar Pei, who has Shar Pei fever (a disease much like my own, oddly enough) grew seriously ill within a matter of hours. We had been keeping an eye on how she was feeling and reacting hoping we could just wait until the next day to see the vet. Sadly, her breathing took a huge turn for the worst. I was in major fear that it was going to come to the point I never I want to think about– putting her down.

I was laying down, with the dog at the foot of the bed, debating on if I should or shouldn’t take my pain pill when her breathing took the horrible turn. I began to panic. She was breathing as if she’d just run a marathon. I was truly terrified! My husband called the our local vet and they recommended a 24 animal emergency clinic that was about 45 minutes away. Guess it was smart that I hadn’t taken my medications.

We loaded up and headed off to the clinic. After we arrive they show us to an exam room and the vet comes in. Unlike most visits she doesn’t exam the dog right there but instead takes her to the back. Ugg, I hate this part. I worry, wait, wonder. Thankfully I had my husband grab my book and a magazine for himself. Reading my historical romance helped me escape my fears for the next hour. Of course the fears of what might happen stayed in my mind, but for the hour, I read the story of two characters and didn’t focus on if tonight would be the last night for Caty.

Thankfully, they gave her a huge dose of medications and sent us home with several more. Caty will be ok but they recommend more testing to ensure her kidneys haven’t begun failing (a sign of the end).

We arrived home as a very sleepy group. My husband had to work in 5 hours, I not feeling so great and the dog drugged up. Shortly after we arrived, I sat at my desk and just looked at the cover of the book. All my fears of the evening had been eased with the words between the pages of this book.

I know it might sound silly to think so deeply about the book I was reading in such a radiant light, but I can only imagine what kind of wreck I would have been without it. Trust me, it wouldn’t be pretty!

In the end, I want to write a book like this! One that will allow the reader to escape whatever is going on in their lives. Even if there isn’t anything major or dramatic happening, I want them to be able to read about my characters and have the story take them for a ride.

I’m inspired!



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2 responses to “In The Event Of An Emergency

  1. That’s why I started to write in the first place. I wanted to give readers what I got from books. It’s also the reason I’m so into craft.

    Glad to hear your dog is okay. Here’s hoping you get better too.

  2. talesfromthecrit

    That’s very sweet. I love being able to escape for awhile and would love if people got the same release from my books.


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