Parting is such sweet sorrow


When I finally get to the point where I write those longed for words THE END, there is a lot emotional baggage I have to dump. I write long. My shortest mss is about 80K. So I spend a lot of time with my characters. I know them, I love them. I fall in love with my hero every damn time. This time is no exception. I love John Murphy, my wounded bad boy.

I should be finished my WIP. I should. I wrote the last chapter.  And promptly deleted the entire chapter. Why?  It sucked. I had to wonder why it sucked. And the answer was kind of scary. I am not ready to leave John yet. Which goes to show how far I got into my heroine’s mind. Livvy’s mantra during the last half of the story is ‘I am not leaving him, no matter what.’

Hmmm, so how do I do this?

Meet Coe. 😀 Coe is my new hero. He came in a dream and is the perfect match for another character I have had in my head for a while, Charly. Charly is a riot and needed a quiet alpha male to steady her. John is more in your face with balled fists than quiet. Should be quite a switch for me. I am starting to get excited about the story.

So altho I hate to write THE END on John and Livvy, I will. Soon. In a few days. *sigh*

Of course I get to visit them during edits and rewrites and what have you. But once their tale is told, I really pull back and move on. I have to. I can’t be in love with more than one character at a time and do them any justice.

But for now, I am sniffling into my kleenex as I plod slowly towards those two bittersweet words. The End.



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2 responses to “Parting is such sweet sorrow

  1. I feel ya. Really, I do. But, like I said on Divas, that’s where sequels come in 🙂 That’s where I’m at. Turned my H/h into ghosts 😀

  2. talesfromthecrit

    lol Toni. I don’t have sequels but I do have books that are related but not directly connected so I have an opportunity for my two faves (I only have two that I ever got that attached to) to come back in other books. And my mysteries are sequels although eventually even those come to an end.

    Good luck. You’ll get through it. 😉


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