I’m super excited! No, I didn’t get “THE CALL” but I did get an awesome email from a favorite author of mine. She said that she’s sending me a copy of her upcoming book. *WOOT!!*

After having a downer of a week (over all not feeling good junk) this is *happy dance* news.

Ok, you might be drumming your fingers by now waiting for me to say who the H*ll I’m talking about. Ok, I’ll be nice and tell you. Toni McGee Causey wrote the hilarious book Bobbie Faye’s Very (very, very, very) Bad Day. Trust me when I say this is a MUST READ book!

But now Bobbie Faye *(kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels* is up to more trouble!

Release date: May 27th

The blurb:

It had been a whole freaking month since Bobbie Faye Sumrall had blown up anything or been shot at, and that was almost a new record. Then her diva cousin Francesca waltzed up to where she manned the gun counter in Ce Ce’s Cajun Outfitter and Feng Shui Emporium and everything just went to hell. Fast.

Francesca’s mom has disappeared with exceptionally valuable diamonds swiped from Francesca’s dad (difficult marriage) so of course Francesca broadcast to every insane psycho (family included) that Bobbie Faye could recover the ersatz family jewels.

Accused of one man’s murder, Bobbie Faye’s on the run as an unintentional Pied Piper to a rabid band of thieves. She has to find the diamonds, figure out the motives of the dead sexy FBI agent who’s pressing her for more than just the jewels, all while racing to side-step her steamy (and steamed) detective ex-boyfriend before the deadline arrives and the diamonds disappear.

Bobbie Faye Sumrall is back in fighting form in this second installment of crazy, wacky adventure through Cajun country.

Now be warned, the first book is action packed from the first page and will have laughing aloud at the most importune moments. And I’d wager that the second book is going to be just as amazing!

*Jumps up and down a few more times*

I’ll let you know how it turns out, but for now I want to know: What books and/or authors do you get super excited about?


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