What’s writing you?

I’ll admit, this morning at the ungawdly hour of 6:30 (my time), I suddenly woke-up. I’m not sure I know why my eyes decided to pop open but they did. And now I look forward to a fully day of doing stuff. So here it is nearly 7am and I’m trying to come up with some witty, cute blog to entertain the 3 people who may read my posts here. I’m sure that’s poppy-cock, I write to hear myself talk. Or some such strange thing.

Anyhow, my inactive brain cells and I are curious about a few things. Yes I’m always curious. You should know this by now.

What are you writing about? Or as the title says, what’s writing you?

My current WIP is about two people who fall in love and live happily ever after. Vague eh? Ok, I’ll give you more.

My heroine has fallen from the fairytale life she had the moment her husband was found floating in the Thames. Her children ripped away from her by a satan look-alike and she’s fallen into the worst depression ever thought possible.

Sounds fun right? Would now be a good time to mention I love writing gothic type stories like Jane Eyre?

Anyhow, the hero has had secret feelings for the heroine for a long, LONG time but gave up hope when the heroine married his brother. Sucks eh? But now his brother has cocked-up his toes, in a most suspicious way, and it’s up to him to find out if the love of his life could be a murderess.

Getting any better?

Well, as you know, they must figure out the who, what, when and whys for them can get their happy ever after. But again I remind you, I write gothic and you can expect things to turn even darker before anyone can see the light.

Now again, I ask, what are you writing about? Or if you’re not a writer, what are you reading?

Small side note: The book I was so excited about last weekend arrived. Oh yeah, doing the happy dance!!



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5 responses to “What’s writing you?

  1. Inez Kelley

    Nothing. I am in edit and sucknopsis hell.

  2. talesfromthecrit

    I am not writing right now either. But I’m reading too. I like it when books write me. I don’t like having to work at it. 🙂


  3. Two paranormals. I didn’t know you wrote gothic!

  4. What you’re writing about seems far more interesting that what I could write about what I’m writing about.

    I love gothics. Dark romances. Hard choices. What you’re writing seems like it’s exactly MY STYLE.

  5. Oh Em, I adore a gothic romance. This one also has a paranormal elements as well.

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