Summer Reading

Today’s post is going to be a bit short. I’m in a writing-woes down cycle, too many false starts and not enough dimensions, seeing everything flat and from afar instead of finding the immersion point. I keep looking for other things to do – dishes, exercise, books to read – so I think it’s time for a creative replenishment vacation and I’m going to take one. I’m currently free of contractual obligations. This is a good time to sit back and knit a sock, work on losing three or four pounds, read a ton of books. Not sure how long vacation will last (probably not too long; usually these things go in two-three week stretches and then my stories start talking again) so anticipate some book reviews in coming weeks šŸ™‚

Last night hub and I made a B&N trip and I picked up Elizabeth Hoyt’s new novel, BLACK SILK by Sharon Page and SINS OF THE NIGHT by Devyn Quinn. I also rejoined and might drag hub to the library today just to be surrounded by books.

Too bad I go in two hours to be hooked up to a 24-hour heart monitor (trying to locate the arrythmia that’s in my pattern). All these sexy books, plus all those wires and rolls of tape, don’t create a good environment for post-read snuggling. šŸ˜‰

Hope everybody has a good week – do something good for yourself!



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3 responses to “Summer Reading

  1. Ah, I’ve done some reading myself in the past few days. Definitely time to pick up my story and take another bite. Right now, I’m blog surfing and sitting at my computer p*ssed as hell because, despite what the landlord says, this house smells like CAT!

  2. Hey, thanks for picking up Sins of the Night. I hope you enjoy it when you get a few moments to read!

  3. mamadivine

    Enjoy your writing breaking. Hoping you come back refreshed and ready to kick wordage butt in chat.

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