Best Friends 4Ever

Last week’s topic got me thinking about whether or not I could be friends with any of my female characters in real life? The answer should be yes, right? Since they have watered down or amped up versions of some of my personality traits and idiosyncracies. But I don’t know.

I like all of my heroines in my WIP pile, but I’m not sure all of them are best friend material. Would they come over to my house to dispose of an Oreo-sized bug I killed? Could I call them at 3am to share an aha moment I just had? Would they be real with me no matter what?

Heroine N is a no because she has the tendency to slice and dice folks with her words. She’s too mean for me. I could be friends with Heroine G. She’s low key like me and loves banana Laffy Taffy. I could definitely call her at 3 AM. Heroine D would be loads of fun and also has the potential to be lots of trouble. She’s high potent so I don’t know if I could hang out with her all the time.

So could you be friends with any of the heroines/heroes in your stories? Why or why not?




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6 responses to “Best Friends 4Ever

  1. great topic!!
    You know – I think I could hang out with Him for a bit, but then he’d get all GoodyTwoShoes. Then I’d want to hang out with Her and get into some trouble.

  2. Ooooh! Fabulous topic! Hmmm…I don’t know. I think I could be friends with heroine E of my historical. She’s witty and easy going. Perhaps a bit strong willed. But I think we could be buds.

    However, I really need to thank you, Kimberly, for posing this question. It couldn’t have come at a better time because my current heroine is in the process of reinventing herself. I’m conducting some major rewrites to her personality and truth be told, I really think she’s been lacking a true friend she can call at 3:00am…or maybe “be” that friend herself.

    I think I’m going to give her one…or make her one. Oh! Or maybe let her realize she’s been holding back from letting herself have or be a friend like that. Hmmm…and I think I’ve got just the person!

    THANK YOU, Kimberly! You’ve inspired me!
    Sandy 🙂

  3. Oh boy. Good topic. Hmm…

    Kynan I could totally be friends with. He’s terrific best friend material. Nye’s iffy though…I love writing about it, but I don’t know if I’d be able to put up with his angstiness in real life, LOL.

    Of all my female characters, Fate’s the one I can most see being best friends with. She’s the sort of friend who will tell you to your face when you’re full of shit, and who will bring over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and demand that you tell her what’s wrong if you’re having a bad day.

  4. talesfromthecrit

    My heroines? Hmmm, that’s harder. Because as you know I identify more with my heroes than my heroines. I have trouble maintaining friendships with women even when they’re real, lol. I know I’d at least be fond of Fielding even if I wasn’t friends with her. I mean if someone mentioned her I’d think, “Oh, I like her. She’s so cute.” But I probably still wouldn’t go out to a movie with her. I’m kind of anti-social.

    I would hang out with Maisy. I know I would. She’s all about cerebral pursuits, she has the same sense of humor as me and she’s really into dead bodies. That’s my kind of girl.

    I don’t think I would hang out with Helen. She’s too high maintenance. And she’s very strung out. I’m tense enough already without hanging out with a girl like that.

    I would hang out with Greer. I think we would have a good time together. She has more elements of my personality than most of my characters.

    I have tons more but I think that will do for now. LOL. That’s an interesting question. It really is. Because in a way we do hang out with them. Every day for months on end. Do we enjoy it? Well, that’s another question. 😉


  5. Like the others have said – this is a really interesting question. I’m not sure, for the most part, to be honest. Well, let’s see:

    Davide – yes, definitely. The only problem would be that I’d find him distractingly attractive before long. If I weren’t married, he’d be one of my “Ideal Men”.

    Emily – maybe. We’d certainly have a lot in common, and plenty to commiserate over, but I’d be wanting to beat her with a stick for not coming to her senses sooner.

    Burke – absolutely. I love the guy to death, and would enjoy hanging out with him, watching TV and dissecting whatever show we settled on.

    Raechel – I think so. Although she’s way more energetic than I am, and I’d get exhausted trying to keep up with her.

    Chiara – probably not. She’d get on my nerves with her moaning about the lack of “decent” men around. She’s a bit oblivious when a good one really is at hand, anyway.

    Marco – maybe. His fixation on Maltese dogs would be pretty boring, after a while.

    Eros – I’m not so sure. Once he figures out his sexuality, though, he could be a lot of fun!

    I’d never really thought about these characters in this way – very enlightening, really. Thanks for the prompt!


  6. jodi

    wow, that’s deep. It doesn’t look deep, but it is. If your heroine is part of you, the facets of your personality you pulled to create her, does that mean you don’t like yourself enough to hang with you?

    Yeah, I like all my people, even the jerks. Could I be friends with them? Depends. How much chocolate can they eat in one sitting? I hate sharing.

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