My L key isn’t working

Every other key on the keyboard is working just fine. The L, however, requires a good hard shove, so every time I type an L word I have to back up and push down on the L. Sometimes it’s the A on my keyboard. Sometimes it’s the F. Sometimes all keys fire at normal – even stellar – speeds. If I could just predict which character (fictional and keyboardial) is going to be the troublesome one on a given night, before I sit down to start pounding out the words, I could plan ahead, be prepared for it, and skip the “Oh, come ON” frustration when it catches me by surprise.

My projects are full of unexpected holes ately. Reluctant characters (fictional), sticky keys, a mysterious dropped stitch that left a hole in the ankle seam of the footie I’m knitting. Let’s not even broach the topic of my holey memory…remember last week when I forgot to blog until Inez asked me, at nearly midnight, “Did you forget to blog?” Gah.

Maybe it’s the summer wave, and I’ll just keep on riding it through til fall. Summer for me means a complete inability to focus (as I replied to Haven last week). Projects that I could whip through in a few days are actually taking a few weeks. I blame the sunshine. Are the rest of you getting anything done?



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3 responses to “My L key isn’t working

  1. talesfromthecrit

    Not a dang thing. I’m fixin to move to the burbs which I hated the idea of at first but now I’m starting to get into it. So I’m trying to get all packed up. I need to work on my Presents but instead I’ve been sorting through papers and clothes.


  2. Zilch here – Watching re-runs of Mad About You has turned into an obsession. So I have the time to write, I just don’t have the drive. how sad.

  3. I’m somewhat comforted that it’s not just me. 🙂 December, I loved Mad About You – Helen Hunt is pretty hot.

    AJ, how much time do you have to work on that Presents? You’ve gotta get it done – that might be your ticket!

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