Happy July!

The first half of the year is gone. Have you met your writing goals?

Mine started out very ambitions – “double the number of covers I got in 2007,” which meant writing and publishing 8 stories. I knocked out All the Trees in Pearl and Dragon Bound and…uh, so my first half goals were 50% met. I haven’t set any second half goals yet, but I decided a couple months ago that the “8 published stories” goal was a little far-fetched, knowing my work habits. 🙂 I’m a hobby writer, even though some months (usually colder ones) I focus like I’m working on a career, so I’ve decided not to set any writing goals for the remainder of the year.

I’m sure the rest of you are better achievers than I, though. Have you reached your first half 2008 goals? Set any second half 2008?

Hope everybody has a fun, safe holiday. My husband and I are taking up hiking, so Saturday we’ll set out to explore a local state park, at one with nature and, uh, independence. 😉


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  1. talesfromthecrit

    I was wondering where you’ve been, but I guess you’re just getting ready to take up a new hobby. Hiking sounds fun.

    I try not to set goals for myself either. But I usually don’t keep them. I just try to work as hard as I’m capable of working with my life situation. So I guess that’s my goal. Working as hard as I can. Some days that isn’t much and I don’t want to feel that I haven’t reached some milestone.

    I had this idea that I was going to spend this summer resubmitting some of the things I’ve had rejected lately. But in truth I’ve spent the last two months working on getting that Presents ready to send back. So I guess that was sort of a goal since it was getting something ready to send back. Right?


  2. I’ve been getting ready for a new hobby, but also working a lot this week. Tuesday night when I added up my timecard for the Wednesday-Tuesday pay period, I came in at just over 50 hours, and now I’m at 58 going on 70. No day off til tomorrow.

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