Mental Vacation on the S.S. Laziness

I have done very very little in the past week. I mean, the barest minimum to survive. Hubby is away for work again, the kids are firecrackers and I am tired. I dealt with a very sick kitty, a mother who should be a travel agent for guilt trips and a work schedule from the left side of Hell. So on Monday, I sat down to write. Did ZERO. Nada. Not a damn thing. At midnight, I realized I spent the entire damn day surfing. Tuesday, I read, piddle-farted around, did odds and ends and that’s about it. Wednesday, more of the same. Some time during all that, I did some crits, read my first erotica eBook, planned Christmas dinner and fixed the occasional fast meal. The kids were delighted at grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup for dinner from Mommy! That is a Daddy supper, Mommy makes the full deal with veggies and balanced plates. Nope, didn’t care.

Am I in a writing slump? Could be, after all, I have hit it extremely hard for over a year now with barely a break. But you know what I did do? I brainstormed. With no more thought than what to serve with dinner, I had several story ideas come to mind, some in full plot outline and characters. One tale possessed me for an entire day and night, I even dreamt about it. I may never write it as it is waaaaaaaay far out of my scope but it is there, in my mental folder, for perusal later.
I gave my muses the week off and they wouldn’t leave. Instead, they started slamming bits and pieces of stories and characters and settings into my head like ten-penny nails. I stretched my mind by letting it slide to mush. Only now, looking back, can see I needed to step away from the written word to let the imagination take over. I was getting bogged down with spelling and churning out the next chapter and motivation for this Hero and that villain. WE are not taking a vacation this year due to Hubby’s promotion and increased workload but my brain booked passage on the S. S. Laziness and sailed off. I needed it like I need a spa day. It was a change of pace and a breath of fresh air without leaving my house.

When the ‘job’ of writing gets too heavy in you head, how do you step back? I couldn’t answer this before now. The last time I took a writing break, it lasted for 3 years. Of course, I did get pregnant with twins and survive the critical first sleep-deprived WTF year with them during that period. Now, I think I was afraid to stay away from my writing even for a short break. I was afraid I would flounder and drift once more into that blank zone. But so far, it’s okay. I am getting refueled, re-energized, re-inspired. Will I stop for another couple years? No way. This is my life’s blood. I am just going to bask in the mid-MS slump for a while longer while my brain does it’s stretching exercises. Limbering up for the next marathon, so to speak.

For a little more time, I still feel the need to do nothing. And I will. Second passage booked for a Mental Vacation on the cruise ship S.S. Laziness. All Aboard!! The souvenirs I bring back are more than worth it.



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3 responses to “Mental Vacation on the S.S. Laziness

  1. If you want a dinner companion, this is my third or fourth round on ship and I’ve been staying in one of the luxury suites. 🙂 My muse has finally stopped throwing story ideas at me, but I’m not ready to set foot on dry land just yet.

  2. Christine Morris

    My brain wants to vacation with you as well, but it’s a slacker. The muse is even sitting in a deck chair saying, “Whatever.”

    Enjoy the trip, just don’t be away too long.

  3. talesfromthecrit

    Maybe it’s summer. I’m being a bum too except for where I am on a deadline. Maybe these lazy days make us lazy.


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