Wishing and hoping

Here I go starting another blog with a song.  I can’t help myself.  I know when we writers think about waiting and wishing and hoping the picture we immediately get is waiting for that big contract to come in.  In this case, not so much.

I am waiting for summer to be over.  Please let it be over soon.  I used to think summer was so fun.  When I was a child, even in my early twenties, boy I waited for those sultry summer days and that endless stream of fun, fun, fun.  Now I’m sitting here thinking, “OMg, isn’t it time for school to start again yet?”  I keep glancing hopefully in the direction of his school, just up the street.  Sigh.

I raised him for six years without him being gone eight hours a day.  So why now, at year almost eight, is he killing me by being here?  I can’t get anything done.  My two children, one who is too young for school, do nothing but scream and fight.  They are screaming and fighting as we speak.  I don’t even bother trying to break them up anymore.  I just hold up their arms, ring the bell and wander off to try and get some writing done.

I just need a moment of peace.  Just one.  I could rule the world.



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