Praise All That’s Magic for Mentors!

I’ve been struggling to write recently. I know…big revelation! I wrote a short story a week or so ago, ran it past a few beta readers and submitted it, but make progress on my novel? Not so much. Sigh.

So I sent out an SOS to a NY pubbed friend asking about her process, how she starts a novel. The generous soul responded by plotting an entire novel in her return email! And a damn good one, too! I hope she actually writes it, though she’s currently busy writing novels already under contract.

WOW! What an example. Not only did I see process in action, I saw a disciplined muse come when called. (Deirdre, take note. That’s how you and I will behave when we’re a grown-up writer.)

Using my mentor’s comments and example, I’ve already discovered several of the issues that had me balked. My understanding of my characters has deepened, and plot twists are twining through my notes. This WIP might have a chance after all.

This is the toughest job I’ll ever love, but it’s certainly made easier by generous writers who aren’t afraid to share their hard won wisdom.


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