Enough already

Seriously, enough. I have had enough bullsh*t for quite a while. I am full to the gills with crap. I Finally am sitting down to write this blog entry and need a breather and a major bullcrap enema.

I finally get my hard drive back and things up and running and then my freaking DSL box dies. WTF?? I spent two fricking days waiting on the phone company (who I have my serve through) to show up. First I think telling you they will show up SOMETIME between 8AM and 7PM is stupid as sh*t.  If I worked dayshift, I would have had to take the day off without pay. But no, I work midnights, so that means I was asleep. I had my 10 old stay home from daycare and wait. She had instructions to yell JUST A MINUTE and then wake me so I could answer the door. She did. I got to the door in time to see the damn truck pull out of the drive, they could not wait 3 minutes.

I was on the phone before the tail lights disappeared and the guy still never came back. So today I stayed awake and waited for him. Jerk. He just left. Things are working fine now but good grief, what a pain in the butt.

On top of that, I had a doctor’s appointment this week and just got my test results back. News? Not terrible but the lab lost the original blood work so I had to have it redone. Want to guess who had to pay the additional lab fees? Yep, you guessed it.

And why do Doctors bother with an appointment for 9AM if you are not going to get in to see them until nearly noon? HELLO?? I hate waiting and that time just drags by. Every fricking time, nearly every freaking doctor I have ever seen. It sucks.

More crap… My family is going camping this weekend. I am not. I have to work. Again. This working every weekend crap is for the birds and last time I checked, I do not have feathers. My Hubby will be back on the road for his job Monday morning. Grrrrrr!  Unemployment is looking better and better.

And let’s just say I am several decades out of puberty. WHY DO I HAVE A MAMMOTH ZIT ON MY CHIN??

My writing mojo is trying to come back. It is. I just keep gettign sidetracked by stupid crap in my life. Where the hell is Calgon? I need to be swept away.



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2 responses to “Enough already

  1. talesfromthecrit

    I always wonder what’s up with the zits too. I’m 32 years old. Why do I have zits? Sorry that times are tough. I hope they start looking up for you soon. I’m debating unemployment myself.


  2. melsmag

    *hugs* I’m sorry you’ve had a rough time.

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