Fairies, Fiends, and Flatulence (Thank you, Mr. Colfer!)

Made you look!!

Eoin Colfer, creator of the delightful Artemis Fowl series, is a master at pulling small boys (and writers who never grew up) into his prose…and this title to his speaking tour is a great example. My eldest daughter (who hasn’t read ANY of his books) fell prey to the title and treated me to his Portland, Oregon appearance.

I’m always curious about how well-known writers approach speaking to an audience of fans. I’ve been fortunate to attend a Diana Gabaldon event and also had the pleasure of hearing Jim Butcher speak. Each of these talented authors approached their engagement with a unique flair. Diana talked about her writing process, her characters and finished by reading a passage of her most recent book. Jim focused on audience participation, answering questions for most of his stint on stage.

But Eoin…well, Eoin was unique…He barely mentioned his books, presenting instead a slideshow of mediocre family photos accompanied by a monologue worthy of a stand-up comedian. My darling daughter and I laughed ’til we cried over his stories of growing up with four mischievous brothers. We learned which brother was the inspiration for Artemis, Eoin’s famous 12-year-old criminal mastermind, and which provided a basis for the “fiends” in his tour’s descriptive title.

Who knew family history could be so entertaining? DD was so impressed she bought all six of his Artemis Fowl books, reasoning that if she enjoyed Eoin’s monologue that much she would also enjoy his writing… that and the fact her mom (ME!) has been raving about the series for ages…

Truly, a delightful–and educational–afternoon!


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One response to “Fairies, Fiends, and Flatulence (Thank you, Mr. Colfer!)

  1. talesfromthecrit

    That’s really cool. What a way to engage his mostly younger audience. How fun.


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