Reading and More reading

Well boogers.

For the past month, Ii have battled more computer hassles than Dell after an electrical storm. My hard drive fried, then my router gave up the ghost, my monitor fizzled out and my brand new laptop froze up.  Yeah, needless to say, me and writing? Not a good combo.  I even cursed Hubby’s blackberry from across the room. Two months old and it’s toast. Any wonder why I DID NOT got visit my Father in Law in the Cardiac Unit?

So what have I been doing. I read. Oh lawdy did I read!  I can count on one hand the number of television shows I have watched this year. I just don’t do it. So I filled those hours with books, books and more books.

I read all 6 of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. (loved some,tolerated others, hurry up and write John Matthews story already!!!)

3 BDSM ebooks– enlightening. One I really enjoyed, one was meh but the detail was incredible, the other a waste of $5.99 or whatever I paid.

A bunch (20+)of HQ from last year that I am sorry to say NONE stick out enough to talk about.

The Friday Night Knitting Club, good read. Not something I would normally pick up but I am glad I did. I cried at the ending but no spoilers from me!!

The Doctor’s Wife. I really liked this book because it surprised me. I didn’t see several of the twists in it and at one point sat upright on the couch and gasped OH MY GOD!

Seize the Night I do love me some Dark Hunter books and Val was down right mouth watering, IMHO. I love Zarek a wee bit more and Val is his polar opposite, but what can I say, they are brothers. I even went back and reread Zarek’s story just to get more yummy DH goodness. And I can not wait for Ash’s story coming August 5th!

The sad part, I know I read others. I have just reshelved them and now can’t recall when I read them. I averaged a book a day.

Other than that, I let my brain turn to mush. And from the mushiness sprung ideas. And characters and plot lines and…you get the picture. I am off and writing again. Not a romance this time. Mainstream. It is a learning curve, that’s for sure, but I am hoping it comes out well.Now I am burrowed deep into research gathering.

And then there is that fantasy I want to write.

*sigh*  I hope the new hard drive hangs in there this time.



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2 responses to “Reading and More reading

  1. talesfromthecrit

    Val is my absolute favorite, followed just slightly by Zarek. Why didn’t I have some brothers like that living next door to me while I was growing up? When I was pregnant with my son I was on bed rest for three freaking months. I thought I would never get tired of reading but I actually did. For some reason it never even occurred to me to find our television in a box somewhere and plug it in. Oh, well. I discovered some favorites that way, anyhow.


  2. Wow…that’s a lot of books.
    Sometimes I find that bad books inspire me to write more than anything else though, you know?

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