Bobbie Faye Returns!

WARNING: All Cops and FBI agents will need protection from drooling women!

Book: Bobbie Faye’s (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels
Author: Toni McGee Causey
Author’s Website:
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Release Date: May 2008

Bobbie Faye Sumrall is BACK! The Contraband Queen’s life is barely returning to normal, whatever that might be, when she is caught in a shoot out as she’s trying to talk a sweet little old lady out of buying a gun. Narrowly able to escape without adding a few extra holes to her body, she is nabbed by a would-be kidnapper. When the would-be kidnapping process is repeated more than once, Bobbie Faye is more than peeved. She’s ready to kill someone!

Finding herself in the middle of family drama, again, Bobbie Faye is now faced with tracking down her aunt and some very valuable diamonds. The idea of having people chasing her again isn’t exactly what she had planned for the day. Then again, bumping into the Oh-so-HOT agent Trevor (again) would make such an adventure (and multiple threats to her life) a bit more appealing.

In any Bobbie Faye adventure the normal challenges arise…

Bullets narrowly missing their target. Several exploding objects (including a bridge, now missing a huge chunk). And lets not forget her ex-boyfriend, who is a local cop, two steps behind her (and pissed!).

As if having Cam on her trail again wasn’t bad enough, she finds out that the sexy, Too-hot-to-be-true Trevor has been keeping surveillance on her. But just when you think her man troubles couldn’t get worse, she learns that this time she must endure something that trumps all the flying bullets (aimed at her), car bombs, voodoo spells and Cam’s snarling attitude…her dad.

With the (unwanted) help from her family, Bobbie Faye must find the diamonds, stay alive and not be arrested for Murder. Simple enough goal!


Toni McGee Causey has brought back the ever-crazy Bobbie Faye and taken her to new heights (literally)! Once again chaos meets laugh your pants off humor, in the very best of ways. I can only say that I hate (CAN’T WAIT) to see what Toni (and Bobbie Faye) are up to next!


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