Organized Choas?

I’ve always heard that keeping organized can speak volumes about who you are. So I’m kind of curious how true this is.

Personally I don’t think it holds a candle to the truth. I’m a bit of a neat-freak. I know how many forks, spoons, knives I have in the drawer. My bed has to be made without any wrinkles before I go to bed. I even have my cd’s listed in ABC order in the travel case. I know obsessive but thats me. The odd thing is you’d think that this need for perfection would carry over in my writing.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If it were true, I’d have an outline, notes, research books at my desk. Fact: I don’t. None of it.

When I got the idea to start writing a romance novel I didn’t sit down and research the time period. I didn’t make an outline of my idea or plot. I sat down and began writing. The only plan I had was start with a prologue. Now don’t get me wrong I have read the “ideal” format for my MS. New Times 12, in black, which I do abide by.

For me, my desk is fairly clean. A bit cluttered..with pen cups, printer, paper holders but it’s all neatly put in place. My desk calendars (yes more than one) sits where my keyboard should for quick access.

My saved file for my writing is all organized as well. Each chapter is saved in order and then a master file(the entire for printing). Note cards..none to be found. Research books…nope. Outline…no chance.

Now for others this would be pure hell…chaos at it’s best. For me this works (so far). So my questions to you…Does your writing style match the way you live? Can you find your keyboard? Are you an organized writer or write at will?


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