Call me Mistress Rotini

Because I’m a pasta goddess. Today. Tomorrow maybe I’ll feel like a chicken maestro, a chocolate chip cookie wizard (I actually am the latter; it’s all about more brown sugar, less white sugar). The day after that–who knows? I want a name now, not later…even if it is the wrong name.

Like Emily.

I knew Emily was wrong when I chose it, but I had my first contract in hand and I wanted a name that day so I could fill in the “publishing as” blank on my contract form. Emily was the wrong name, but I didn’t know the right name so I figured wrong’s better than nothing. It’s not bad. Just wrong.

Emily isn’t whimsical (“business-like British widow” according to my good physicist friend from Reading), it isn’t quirky, it doesn’t say “Hey, I belong to a writer who really loves a story idea that makes her giddy and giggly”. It’s neutral. Could fit any personality – kind of like a pair of Payless shoes – as long as you don’t mind a little toe pinching or a loose heel.

I bring up the name thing because I’ve been dissatisfied with Emily for a long time. A looooong time. I’m not an Emily. Still not quite sure what I am, exactly, but this isn’t it. And I’m breaking out of Emily in one regard in 2009 as I release my contribution to DREAMS AND DESIRES vol 3 under my real name (which I’ve been saving for when I figured out what I want to be known for).

So, two things –

First, Good news – I’m writing again! And I turned in my contribution to D&D3, which is an outlandish and whimsical short about a bride and her dream man.

Second, my perspective on pseudonyms: Try some out but save the perfect one for when you figure out what will be you forever (especially if the perfect one is your real name).



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3 responses to “Call me Mistress Rotini

  1. talesfromthecrit

    I was very careful about that too. choosing a pen name. My real name is so boring I couldn’t possibly use it. But I’m in love with AJ Chase. So I waited until I had it just right. I like your real name, by the way.


  2. inezkelley

    I like mine and had no problems with it. Until it was pointed out by an agent it made me sound like a Hispanic Irishwoman. So what’s wrong with diversity? And how did she know it wasn’t my given name?

  3. talesfromthecrit

    Hey, I’m a Hispanic/Irishwoman and my name is Amber Anderson. So tell your agent to stick that in a pipe and smoke it. 😉


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