Wait times – we made our beds…

Short and sweet today because I woke up with a solution to my wrong-turn problem and I want to fix it before the day job. .

A couple times recently I’ve seen writers comment on the really darn fast turnaround from query to partial/full request to acceptance in e-publishing. Mixed feelings – some are surprised and gleeful because…wait time? What’s that? while some could be on the borderline of hyperventillation because they expected more time to get through another polish.

I’m going to offer a tip – one I have always personally ignored but becomes more applicable as submissions technology changes. Ready? Here it is.

Make sure the manuscript is ready to go before you hit “send.” Especially if “send” is a button in your e-mail program. Especially if you’re contacting smaller e-publishers, which aren’t inundated by submissions and are eager to keep their release lineup steady. They’re in a hurry. 🙂

If you’re physically mailing, go on about your polish three chapters, send and polish the rest ways because postal mail still takes actual days to reach the editor. You have a little time.

Now for me, back to the story!


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