Romance in the REAL World

My youngest daughter celebrated her 1st anniversary this week. Now there’s a romantic story if I’ve ever heard one. *happy sigh*

Her tale has all the elements of a fabulous contemporary romance:

  • a strong, beautiful heroine battling the scars of an abusive past relationship (internal conflict and motivation not to trust her instincts where men are concerned)
  • a dashing, brave hero in a dangerous profession who has admired her for years and is determined to grab this chance to convince her he’s worthy of her love and trust.
  • an exciting external conflict complete with ticking clock:  she needs to take things slow, to rebuild her trust in human nature; he needs to speed things up, to convince her of his love before he’s deployed overseas to active combat.
  • a complication to overcome: she’s on the west coast, he’s stationed on the east coast.
  • a fabulous HEA as they tie the knot in an intimate ceremony high in the Rocky Mountains.

What a great plot! Too bad it’s my DD’s life. Somehow I don’t think she’d appreciate me hijacking it for a romance novel. Sigh.

And you thought romance in the real world didn’t measure up to the novels we write…

Truly an anniversary worthy of celebration!



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7 responses to “Romance in the REAL World

  1. That’s just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Sandy 🙂
    Sandra Barkevich ~ Romance Author

  2. happy happy 1 year to you DD!

    I bet you could weave it in, without revealing too much personal info!

  3. Inez kelley

    Sweet!! Romance in Real life does exist, I’ve lived it. TWICE! What is sad is those whose life have the makings of a great story line and don’t recognize it or appreciate it.

  4. Too true, Inez. It’s hard to see your own story as worthy of the title: Great Romance!

    Kudos to you for claiming it. TWICE!

  5. Congrats to your daughter and son-in-law! Such a sweet story.

  6. Sweet.

    I so love a happy ending. 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Kaige and Rob! Always glad to see Divas and Dudes in my comments…

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