Motivation, zero and counting.

Maybe it’s the change in weather but I seem to lack motivation in a major way.  I mean, honestly.  I’m dead.  I can’t seem to write, edit, synopsize etc.  I just wander around the house or the internet looking for something to do.  I’m kind of suffering some of those weird pangs I occasionally get where I wonder what on earth I’m doing and why.  Am I really good enough to bother investing all my time in this?  I know that apprarently most writers go through this fairly often.  But I’m a little bummed.  Not sure if it’s worth bothering.

I’m sure by tomorrow or the next day I’ll have snapped out of it but at the moment I feel like I ought to call all the places that have my ms’s and ask for them back, lol.  I wonder how many people have actually done that.  You know, not that it’s the subject of this blog, but I bet the people who work at publishers have to put up with some of the oddest freaking people day in and day out.  It’s not like writers are known for their high level of sanity.  I bet they get some of the oddest mail and submissions and requests to get that stuff back out of nowhere.

Anyway, I’m lacking the motivation, confidence, etc. to write anything.  You know, maybe it’s the cold medicine.  I’m in a Day-Quill depression.  o.O



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