Was it an A or an R?

The outcome of a submission doesn’t usually leak into my dreams, but last night I dreamt about my Spice Briefs submissions, and this is what happened:

I checked my e-mail and a lavender-wrapped scroll (sort of like a Tampax Pearl lite-days tampon) fell onto my keyboard. I reached for it and woke up…because I needed to use the bathroom.

Ridiculous, obnoxious subconscious.

In less nocturnal news, I think I’ve forgotten how to write a novel. Is it ok to have twelve scene breaks in a single chapter?? Do I need to visit the how-to-write-a-book section of the library this weekend? What do you do when you’ve forgotten the basics like how many POVs are acceptable and how many pages to a chapter?



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2 responses to “Was it an A or an R?

  1. Inez kelley

    Em’s next genre–ROM COM!!

    When I start feeling stupid, it is usually for good reason. Like I really DIDN’T know before. Other times it is just fear of trying to move forward that makes me doubt myself.

    You *KNOW* this stuff. It is just easier to focus on the fear than to smack it in the face and stomp over it to reach the next level.

  2. Neith

    Why, no, Em, it is not okay to have 12 scene breaks in a chapter. Instead you should make each scene its own chapter! You’ll have a 60 chapter novel in no time!



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