Hot Cats and Plot Ideas

For the last week, our cat, Tom has been acting different. I chalked it up to grief due from all of her kittens being gone (one was abducted, one was murdered, one ran off to join a gang of cats holding up in our neighbor’s barn and one died under suspicious circumstances). Anyway, I figured out on Wednesday what’s going on with her. She’s not grieving. She’s hot in the pants…fur.

So I read a few articles on cats in heat, thought about Tom’s behavior this past week and then started thinking about writing. The way Tom is acting while in heat is similar to the way plot ideas act when they want to be written.

For example:

Tom is overly clingy, bordering stalking.  She won’t leave me alone.
Plot ideas constantly pop up in a writer’s mind and always try to be the in the writer’s main thoughts

Tom meows loudly and at all hours “Receiving visitors now”
Plot ideas whisper, sometimes yell at the writer “Write me now”

Tom escaped from her pen after I locked her in and removed the ramp she uses to enter and exit the area
Plot ideas escape from dark parts of a writer’s mind and find ways to bust through the mind blocks a writer constructs to keep them at bay

Tom’s not satisfied after being petted (<- that seems wrong) for a few moments, she wants an hour long (or more) full body rub down
Plot ideas aren’t satisfied with being written on the To Write list or even with the writer jotting down some notes. No, they want to be expanded into a full fledge story.

Tom is starting to look wide in the stomach. I was in denial about the slight bulge in her abdomen until my oldest son said he saw Tom with her “husband” (he’s our neighbor’s ho-ing cat and leader of the barn gang). So in a couple of months there’s a good chance we’ll have kittens.

Plot ideas multiply. Like Tribbles from Star Trek. Once a writer gives into one, others show up demanding they are told too.



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6 responses to “Hot Cats and Plot Ideas

  1. Inez kelley

    Your female cat’s name is Tom?

    I once had a person refused to read my manuscript because my hero’s name was a ‘girls’ name when in fact, I had named him after my cat. Go figure.

    And you seem to have terrible luck with kittens.

  2. mamadivine

    We also sorta kinda have a cat named Jerry. She’s Tom’s sister and only comes around at night to eat. The boys named them, assuming they were males. Then there are Tiffani and Wendy (named by my daughters) , Tom and Jerry’s brothers who ran off to be with the barn gang. So yeah, our luck with animals leans toward the terrible side.

    I’m sure your hero with a girl’s name was all man.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Trish

    Poor kitty. My little female still goes into heat. We need to get her fixed soon. It’s a misery when she’s going through it, and lat time, she peed on me in my bed. She PEED right on me! I threatened to take her to the shelter, and my boyfriend got up and changed the sheets.

  4. talesfromthecrit

    I hate it when cats go into heat. It drives me freaking crazy. But I like your allusions here, they are interesting. LOL


  5. Plot bunnies…the Tribbles of a writer’s life!


  6. Hilarous,
    I’ll never listen to my yeowling cat in heat again, without thinking my inner muse is trying to cut loose.

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