Oldies but…should have stayed in the boxies?

I spent about 4 hours at my dayjob cataloging a box of 30+ year old vinyls my boss purchased from someone selling used eq. Groups and titles I’ve never heard of – older than me! Shanamara? Anybody know who they are? Mahela? I recognized Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder, but… Osibi Woyaya? What the heck?

Is fall a time for nostalgia? Or just a time for wishing we’d gotten more done over the summer? I’ve been digging into half-finished projects and old retired/finished projects wondering whether I should revive them, but after today’s experience with the old LPs, I’m starting to wonder whether sleeping dogs are best left euthanized.

Do you ever find yourself digging through the trunks saying “I could fix this”?


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4 responses to “Oldies but…should have stayed in the boxies?

  1. I have a hard time letting go of any project I invested a lot of time into — even after I realize it would be better to move on.

  2. talesfromthecrit

    I actually often go back to old projects and repair them. But if they had no real potential in the first place (sort of the Osibi Woyaya of writing?) then I usually don’t get far enough in to go back to it later anyway. I can usually tell if something has any potential, for me, within the first pages. If I got to like half way through I will probably go back and finish it later, even if I have to begin again.


  3. Inez kelley

    Oh yeah. I often tease my Hubby that if –God forbid– our house were to ever catch fire, the order to get things out are:
    1-Kids + pets
    2-Computer hard drive (yank the sucker from the wall)
    3-My writing box

    Screw the wedding dress, the antique table and your great great grandfather’s rifle. Get my old stories! You never know when I am going to want to rework that YA Outsider knock-off written in pencil on notebook paper.

  4. Neith

    I’ve definitely gone back to projects after a long hiatus. Mostly because I have about a zillion ideas and I’ll fiddle with several until one starts screaming for me to finish it. Then, after I’ve finished that one, I’ll go back to fiddling again. Sometimes with the same stuff, sometimes with new stuff. That means that by the time I get back to something, it might be a while – but the project still has some pull.


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