There is a season, turn, turn, turn.

Okay, probably if you live somewhere like Oklahoma it still feels like summer, but in a lot of places on the planet it’s beginning to feel a lot like another season is creeping up.  Yesterday it was like 90 degrees here.  But in the days before that it’s been in highs in the seventies.  I wake up and go outside and it’s like 56 (because I live in a desert.)  It’s feeling like fall to me most days.  I love fall.  I get a lot done in fall and spring.  Because of the weather change of course, but I’m not going to wax raphosodic about the rebirth of the soul or some crap.  For me it’s mostly because I work way better in the absence of extreme weather.  I don’t like to be too hot or too cold.  Although, if given the choice I’m one of rare few that would much rather be cold.  When the weather gets more temperate I’m raring to go.

I haven’t been doing well in my word count or focus in the last few weeks.  I’m lucky if I get 500 words a day.  That’s like my own personal version of success over here lately.  My house is still not fully unpacked and that doesn’t help my ability to muddle through the manuscript.  And it’s getting closer to Christmas which means my workload is skyrocketing.  But I’m hoping that the weather change will help rejuvenate me and I’ll be able to finish this because I have something else in mind for NaNo and I’m just OCD enough not to like leaving a story when I’m 30% to the end.  Know what I mean?

So how about y’all?  Not that I believe anyone is actually reading this.  Does weather affect your ability and or willingness to write?




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4 responses to “There is a season, turn, turn, turn.

  1. Inez kelley

    I am sooooo not the outdoorsy type. But weater can effect my mood. If I could dictate, it would always be sunny when I write RomCom, rainy when I write break up and black as pitch when I write sex.

    I am plugging away like the little engine that could. I keep chugging out the words but I don’t know how good they are.

  2. Neith

    Yes. On really rainy days, I’m just to logy to write. Otherwise, it’s not so much an impact on my willingness to write as it is an impact on whether my DD is going to be requiring indoor or outdoor activity, and at what level!


    PS – you’ll note that I did, in fact, read it. and so did Inez.

  3. talesfromthecrit

    So you did. Usually nothing happens when I write. I’ve written all sorts of bizarre things before to see if anyone is reading and most of the time nothing happens. Sorry, LOL. Inez, it would be cool if we could make the weather agree with what we’re writing. We could make it snow in July when we have all those Christmas Anthos to write.


  4. I always read yours, I’m just too lazy to comment. 🙂

    And it works this way seasonally for me too. Since fall started to turn, I’ve completed and submitted four short stories (ok, so two of them are flash fiction and less than 1k words each) – more than I did all summer finishing-wise.

    Unfortunately, life circumstances are keeping me from focusing on more than 1k-word pieces right now and it’s really obnoxious. ‘Cause I have obligations. Like to you for example.

    And I hear you on Christmas season starting. For me, it starts with the end of August and school band rentals, and doesn’t let up until February with the got-a-guitar-for-Christmas lesson enrollment.

    Even with all the hecticness of this time of year, though, I still accomplish more between Sept and March than I do between April and Sept. Weird.

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