Where Are They Now

Do you ever think about what happens to characters after finishing a story or after the closing credits roll?  I thought about this after watching a movie called Corrina, Corrina, which stars  Whoopie Goldberg and Ray Liotta.  *Spoiler (highlight to see)*  I wonder if the characters stayed together.  They hooked up in 1959 when interracial relationships were more than a bit taboo.  If you’ve seen the movie, what do you think? Did they last or succumb to societal pressures? *Alert*

Some stories end and I don’t think about what happens to the characters down the road.  Not because I don’t care, but because I can’t or don’t want to think past the last page or final scene.  For example, Octavia Butler’s Kindred.  The characters survived all the stuff they went through and that’s enough for me.  I also think this story and others aren’t meant to live beyond the last page or final scene.

Do you ever wonder what happens to the characters after a story or movie ends?   If so, which story and what did you wonder.

Writers, do you think past the end of your own stories?  Do you see your characters after the happily ever after/happy for now?



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6 responses to “Where Are They Now

  1. I actually grieved for the two protagonists in my novel SO DARK THE NIGHT after I finished the book. Missed them terribly, their bickering voices, affection and loyalty. They became very real, important fixtures in my life during the three years it took me to complete SO DARK…

  2. I’ve thought about a few characters after I finished reading their books. Not many, though. I’m usually ok with where the author left off.

    I always think about how my characters end up, though, even after The End. I tend to think that they’ll have kids, and they’ll fight about who forgot to pay the light bill when they get that 2nd notice in the mail. The one thing they’ll never have trouble with is infidelity, though. Never.

    But they’ll be regular people, no matter how they start out.

  3. talesfromthecrit

    I know exactly what happens to most of my characters. I don’t ever talk about it but I know. This is an interesting topic because I’m sure there are plenty of people who think about that and an equal number who don’t.

  4. I know what happens with my main characters but some of my sub characters I wonder what will happen to them. Funny but I’ve had lots of readers ask me about Kip, the heroines brother in Blue Remembered Heels and I haven’t decided really what he’ll go on to do.

  5. inezkelley

    I know what happens to each of my characters extensively. I recently went back and added an epilogue by request to one tale.

    I also have an idea in to a way to illustrate the beyond the HEA. Still working on it though.

    As for other stories, I think that is how the sequel and fan fiction was born. If characters live in in my head when I pout the book down, the writer has done something right.

  6. avarosejohnson

    After I saw Lost in Translation, I obsessed about the characters for months. What did Bill Murray whisper in her ear at the end? I need to know!

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