My son’s about to lose a tooth.

And yes this is writing related.

My son is over seven and a half and has never lost a tooth.  He has one that is barely hanging on but it won’t come out.  When I was a kid it was discovered that I have sickle shaped roots and all of my baby teeth had to be pulled out by my dentist when they became loose enough to come out.  My tooth would never fall out.  We are afraid my son may be possessed of the same kind of problem.  So this morning, when his pain killer kicks in we will probably be trying to yank his tooth out.

What does this have to do with writing?  Sometimes, for me, a story just falls out.  The way teeth do for other children.  It’s just there, it’s ready, nothing is holding it back.  I can just write and write and nothing stops me from getting it all the way out.  The story that I’m writing right now, well, it’s not going so well.  While my husband and I were debating what to do about my son’s mouth this morning it occured to me that the story I”m working on is just like that.

It just isn’t coming out.  If I want to finish it (which I might as well since it’s nearly done) I’m going to have to reach in there and pull it out.  And it’s probably going to be bloody and there’ll probably be some screaming.  Force may be required.  It might even be a good idea for me to take some pain killer first.

But sometimes these things just have to come out no matter how painful it is, know what I mean?




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2 responses to “My son’s about to lose a tooth.

  1. Inez kelley


    Spawnetta took forever to get teeth, Seriously. She was 14 months old before she got any and then cut them four at a time. same thing when they started coming out. I have a picture of her looking like a jack o’lantern she has so many missing teeth.

    I have been writing for over a quarter century and when I finally decided to try and do something with my tales, I am getting bombarded with plot-lines in my head. Hmmm

  2. Neith

    Why, yes, AJ, I know JUST what you mean. I had a story at the beginning of the year that just leapt onto the page, fully formed and just flowing from my keyboard. This one, I’ve had fits and starts, and its nearly done, but finishing it is, indeed, like pulling teeth.

    I have several that are sitting there, the stories are there, the outlines are there, the characters are ready and willing, but…. I’m gonna have to get the pain meds, the (what do dentists use? oh, thank you Google) tooth extractor, and some stitches. and a lot of ice cream.


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