False Genre Advertising

I flipping through the channels looking for something to watch while I did some ironing.  Found a movie with an interesting title, The Princess and the Warrior.   I check the info on the movie.  It’s listed as a romance and the blurb is intriguing.   I’m sold.  The subtitles and German accents clue me in that I’m watching a foreign.  (One thing I like about foreign films is that it forces me to pay attention since I don’t understand what is being said.  I have to listen with my so I notice stuff that I usually miss on English language films. )

So I’m rolling through my basket to wrinkled clothes, liking the movie and waiting for the heroine and hero to hook up.  It is a catergorized as a romance.   And I really want the lead characters to get together because they’re my type couple.  Lost, lonely people with issues and who connection on an odd level. They need each other.

The movie ends and I’m feeling like I’ve been mislead.   Reading “romance” in the channel guide created certain expectations in my mind.    I watched the movie, waiting for these expectations to be met.

In my opinion, the movie wasn’t a romance .  It was more of a drama with romantic elements.  The relationship of the main characters drove the story, but from the backseat.  There were other things going on that overshadowed and influenced the development of their relationship.

I don’t feel like I’ve been wronged because I’d definitely watch it again because it’s an interesting character study.  I’d even buy it (and not because of the shower shot).  I’m more disappointed in the person/people who mislabeled this.  I wonder how many people passed this movie over because of it’s romance label.  I’m not knocking romance.  I think in our zeal to put stuff in categories or genres (define ourselves/our work) that we end up short changing ourselves.

Anyway, have you had any experiences with false genre advertising?  How’d you feel about it?  Did you keep reading/watching?  Any other comments welcome.

**Edited To Add:  If you have the IFC channel, the movie’s coming on September 26 @ 9:50 am and 3:30 pm.  If you watch it, let me know what you think.



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4 responses to “False Genre Advertising

  1. Yes. A couple of my e-books have been mis-categorized.

    My vampire anthology is listed on Fictionwise as erotica. But it covers a lot more ground than that. Sometimes it goes into horror, sometimes into techno-thriller. The over arcing story is romantic.

    I’m sure it disappointed a lot of people. I know at least one reviewer who dinged it for being politically correct.

    My latest e-book is also categorized as erotica. But it’s all romances. The sales on that one seriously suck.

    I’m not a fan of genre anyway. Very few works fit ‘just so’ into any genre. Categorizing things this way is sure to set people up for disappointment.

  2. Inez kelley

    I hate the genre boxes. Romance or horror, erotica or Suspense, etc…Uhm, what if the line is blurred? And aren’t they always blurred? Who gets to decide this stuff anyway?

  3. jodi

    WHOA!!!! I checked out the trailer on YouTube, and da-yam. I gots to get me that. It looks like it’s right up my alley. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I was expecting Zena-esque cheese, and it was–a modern thriller? Very nice. Very nice indeed. I guess that in itself is an expectation thing. I was expecting–from the title, something with “thews and loincloths”. Ah…no hea? That’s okay. YOu said there was a shower scene. 🙂

  4. Neith

    Several times – books get it fairly often. Nicholas Sparks is often characterized as romance, but there isn’t HEA in his books, which takes it out of the running for romance in my universe.

    I read an erotica anthology recently and a large number of the included pieces weren’t erotica. Many were interesting, but not erotica.

    The best example I can think of off the top of my head is Good Morning, Vietnam. All the trailers pitched it as a comedy. There were funny elements, but it was NOT a comedy. And that was one that had reviewers and movie-goers really unhappy. It’s a good movie. But it’s not a comedy.


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