4 Question Friday

Answer as many questions as you want.

1.  What are your main characters’ greatest fears?

2.  What is your greatest writing fear?

3.  Do your main characters have any phobias?  What are they?

4.  If your main characters were on Fear Factor, which challenge would they pick to participate?

a) Lie down in tank and be covered with 400 rats
b) Eat two bull testicles in four minutes
c) Swim in a tank filled with 10,000 pounds of dead squid looking for 5 pound weights
d) Retrieve flags from buoys while hanging upside on from a helicopter

***Bonus Question****
Which stunt would you do?

I’ll post my answers in the comment section.



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4 responses to “4 Question Friday

  1. mamadivine

    1. Heroine D fears being abandoned. Hero T fears being used/manipulated

    2. My greatest writing fear is losing the joy of writing.

    3. Heroine D is terrified of clowns

    4. Heroine D would do the flag stunt and Hero T, the rats

    Bonus: I’d do the rats

  2. talesfromthecrit

    Oh my.

    Uhm, current WIP…

    1) Hero fears losing the throne he hasn’t claimed yet. Heroine fears very failure.

    2)Writing forever for my own enjoyment.

    3)Hero is claustrophobic.

    4) Hero- B (ick)
    heroine – any and all (she is ruthless)

    bonus, I would hang upside down

  3. talesfromthecrit

    Dang, That was me, Inez. I need to log in.

  4. Neith

    1. In WIP J&S. J (M) fears losing control/touch with reality. S fears failing her friends

    2. My greatest writing fear is that I will lose the originality of my stories.

    3. Phobia requires that the fear is unjustified. I’d say neither J nor S is unjustified in their fears.

    4. J would do any and/or all of them. The rats would bother him only from the standpoint of disease concern. If they were certified disease-free lab rats, he’d be good to go.

    S would likely choose b. She’s eaten worse.

    I’m with S. I’d eat the bull testicles. I’ve had them before. Are they cooked? if cooked, no trauma at all. if uncooked… hm.. i’m not sure. but i float – i simply cannot sink, so diving of any sort is very difficult. do i get a weight belt? if so, i’d take that one. the rats are right out. i might could manage the helicopter. as long as i had my glasses adhered to my head somehow.


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