So, how demented am I?

So, as soon as this blog is written and I get to work I’ll be writing the scene where I use hynotherapy to regress my hero to eight years old where I’ll make him relive his parents really violent murder and the fire their bodies got incinerated in.  Cause I’m nice like that.

It suddenly occured to me that writers are always talking about how they might be taken as insane because they hear voices in their head.  But is it more insane to hear voices in your head telling you to kill fictional people?  It’s like a bizarre literary Son of Sam but instead of a dog it’s a person who doesn’t even really exist telling me, “This is how I like to kill people.”  Does this sound like it should concern anyone but me?  Actually, it doesn’t even concern me but somehow it feels like it should.

I tried to pull up my Google searches for the last year to see what the cops would see if they ever checked because in the movies and books they are always looking to see what people have been Googling so that they can find out if they are psycho or something.  I know they’d be concerned if they could see some of the stuff that I Google.  Some of my searches in the last couple of days include these, “mammalogist or mammalogy, bats” “hair shirt” “religious torture” “religious self torture” and “post traumatic stress disorder.”  That’s the last few days.

So is there something demented about that?  I’m just asking.  Here’s my theory.  Killing people on paper makes you LESS psycho.  Right?  Because then you get your aggressions out harmlessly.  Right?  😉



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2 responses to “So, how demented am I?

  1. Inez kelley

    Sounds good to me. I spent part of the morning arguing with myself over whether it was worst to kill a woman or a man in my story, decided to do both, blood thirsty little booger that I am.

  2. I get a little carried away with my bloodthirstiness sometimes lol

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