Dare I mention Christmas?

‘Tis the season for holiday reading & writing, Christmas and otherwise. I’m still working on the Halloween free read I started this time LAST year. It probably won’t be finished in time this year either. 🙂

Are you writing anything holiday-oriented yet? (Any holiday. Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashana…)

I’m going to be working on the Halloween story at Christmas so I’m sort of glad I have last year’s holiday story to fall back on (in the DREAM BY THE FIRE anthology at Freya’s Bower, if anybody’s interested).

In another three or four weeks, all the publishers’ Christmas books will start hitting the shelves. I don’t really read them – my holiday reading is limited to THE HOGFATHER by Terry Pratchett – but I’m sure somebody does. Do you?

Confession: the holidays inspire me to shop, not to write holiday-themed stories.



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2 responses to “Dare I mention Christmas?

  1. Neith

    Truthfully, I’ve never been really into the whole holiday theme story thing. So many of the themes are hackneyed and over done, which makes it that much more difficult to put a fresh spin on the ideas. It isn’t that I don’t think other authors can manage it – I’ve read some excellent holiday offerings with fresh approaches to common themes – its that I’ve never been bitten by my muse to tackle the endeavor.

    And some holidays just strike me as weird for subjects/objects of erotic romance (which is my main venue). I’m religious enough that any really religious holiday strikes me as a bit odd for erotic romance – no matter the religion.

    I suppose I could write a hot erotic romance with a Ramadan theme, but it just strikes me as odd. Which is, completely and totally, all my own weird head.


  2. Inez kelley

    I love Christmas themed stories but have never written a tale specifically aimed towards a specific holiday.

    I know one of my books is set over Thanksgiving/Christmas/New years and I had to keep reminding myself about the weather since I wrote it in summer. It was not terrible but not easy either.

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