Fast-Drafting this week

And next week. My version of it, anyway, at a five pages/day goal instead of the crazy twenty pages/day goal (can anybody do that while working a full-time day job? Come tell me so I can be inspired by you).

Today is day two. If two days can be made into a pattern, I’m settling into a pattern of two pages before work and three pages after. Yesterday’s were rough going and I don’t feel they contributed much to the story but maybe that’s because yesterday was the first time in a month that I’ve worked on this project. Today’s pages have been coming better. More direct, less beating around the bush. That’s “the magic” of Fast Draft, though, and National Novel Writing Month – the more you write, the less you self-censor, the easier the story comes.

I haven’t participated in National Novel Writing Month officially in a couple of years. Last year, I used the month to write my Ellora’s Cave quickie, but the 15k words on that were a far cry from the 50k or more other November writers managed to produce. This year, I think I’ll participate in an official capacity again. I need a project, though. November’s less than a month away. 🙂

Who’s participating? Are you going official or using the month for some other purpose?



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3 responses to “Fast-Drafting this week

  1. This will be the first year since 2004 that I haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo…but I’ve got a grandchild due at the end of November and have decided to do my speed writing in October this year so that I can relax and support my daughter during November. I already feel like a slacker though *lol*

  2. talesfromthecrit

    I’m going to due it again this year. And I already know what I’m going to be doing. So I’m actually excited about that.

  3. Neith

    Fast drafting isn’t my thing. I can’t fast draft the dissertation (it’s just not possible – how do you deal with running models and fixing them, rerunning them ad nauseum?), and I can’t dedicate enough time to fiction to make it reasonable.

    Oh, well. Maybe when I’m finished dissertating.


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