The Year of…Waiting

When I come to end of this year, I believe my major accomplishment will have been to master the art of waiting.

In 2004 I began my writing journey, completing my first novel and prematurely entering the hunt for an agent and / or a publisher. Of course, I had no idea at the time that my search was premature…that understanding was hard won. However, my lack of progress drove me to a writing group, thereby enabling my education in craft.

During 2005 I continued my quest for story-knowledge and had the satisfaction of selling three short works to e-zines. Progress!

2006 was a banner year. I received my first multi-book contract from an e-press and published several short stories and a novella. My short stories began to gain attention and even won several readers’ polls. Woot! My career was underway.

In 2007 I learned what it took to e-publish category length novels, producing two by year’s end. Both were well-received and earned excellent reviews.

Please note the upward trend from 2004 to 2007…from unsteady steps in the pursuit of craft to short story sales to novel contracts to published category-length e-novels. Would it be presumptuous of me to say that I expected the trend to continue into 2008? Evidently it would.

I have spent the year-so-far learning lessons in patience while attempting to make the leap from e-publishing to New York. With a completed novel to shop, I began my agent hunt. Waiting ensued. My synopsis and query letter have been well-received—several queried agents have requested partials or fulls—but alas, no offer of representation has been forthcoming. I continue to query…and wait.

I completed a long short story / short novella and submitted it to a print market. Sigh…more waiting ensued.

Thankfully, when 2007 ended I had two anthologies in the works, so 2008 will not go without publishing credits. But the waiting continues.

2008: The Year of Waiting.



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3 responses to “The Year of…Waiting

  1. talesfromthecrit

    Oh man, it’s been the year of waiting for me too. I have so many things out and I never hear a peep. Positive or negative. I’d like to hear anything right about now.


  2. inezkelley

    I will join the Ladies in Waiting. Shall we share some chocolate as we pass in our pacing? If I still chewed my nails, they would be down to the quick.

  3. talesfromthecrit

    It’s nice to have such excellent company!


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