So, for some reason I volunteered to speak at my chapter of RWA early next year. It wasn’t like they forced me but I have been in that chapter (of about 30 active members) for two years and never spoken, so it’s probably my turn.

I’m going to talk about tension and conflict and their relationship to each other. Which is fine. But my fear is that I’m capable of making it make sense. Getting the stuff in my head out in an orderly fashion has never been my forte. Or being succinct. Or following note cards.

So this could be very, very ugly.

I’m thinking I could write every single word on cards, one word per card and slap this enormous pile of cards on the table when I go up in front of the class lol I’m not sure how well that would be recieved. But then again if I don’t temper every word I’m the sort of person who could easily end up talking about goat herding in Nepal and nothing at all whatsoever about conflict and tension. This is the risk that people like me, with the attention span of a Nepalese goat, run when public speaking.

The dreaded tangent…. (Duh, duh, duh)

Seriously, you have no idea how capable I am of getting off the topic. I could get so far off that by the end it will bear no resemblance whatsoever to the talk I originally started with. What I need is one of you guys to come and hold cue cards for me in the back. And devise a clever system of verbal or heard clues for when I start to wander. Who’s with me? They’ll be cookies…




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  1. Neith

    Oh, I understand completely. I have that problem when teaching my classes. I tend to get side tracked.

    I find outlines helpful. Gives me all my talking points, and if I start to stray, a glance at the outline helps me get back on track. But that’s just me.


  2. Inez Kelley

    I dated a guy for a long time who had a major problem with this and we had a semi code worked out. We would be at a party and he would start rambling on a tangent and I would simple grip his elbow, squeeze hard and say “Honey, Reader’s Digest version”.

    To him, he got the message to get back on track and pay closer attention. I know it helped him career wise as many of these parties were business related. Even though we parted company, I met him a year later at another party and automatically did the same thing to him. He told me that night he missed that most of all in our relationship, me keeping him focused.

    Gee, thanks.

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