No obligations

I’m not entirely pleased with the way my fast draft project has come along in the last two weeks. Some parts are good, some parts are…sigh. Heavy revisions are in order. Also, three or four days from the end of Fast Draft some other, unrelated characters started talking to me and snagged my interest. With those two points in mind (book I’ve invested half the year in and don’t like right now v. new shiny idea, the first real “c’mon, write us!” idea I’ve had in a while) maybe you can see why I’ve been moping the last few days.

Last night, my good friend and great CP reminded me this isn’t my JOB. I HAVE to go to my job because it pays the rent, but writing? All extras. I don’t have to write it if I don’t wanna write it. That’s what I was looking for all those months ago, struggling to finish the dragon books – the freedom to say “I’m not gonna because I don’t havta.” And maybe not having-to will make the currently-hated story more lovable in a few weeks. 😉

So what am I whining about? NaNoWriMo is coming, I’m under no obligations and I’m free to let my imagination run wild. Yay. 🙂

And if I really want to, I can spend the rest of the year just knitting socks. Hooray freedom.



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2 responses to “No obligations

  1. Neith

    Knitting socks! I can’t knit to save my life.

    I did make homemade shampoo today in a fit of productive procrastination.

    I often have phases where I just don’t FEEL like writing fiction. Nothing is talking to me, nothing seems to really pull at me, I don’t have a great urge to sit at the keyboard. I do a lot of reading in those periods. But when I come back to writing, I’m refreshed and eager to tackle it again. I think those rest periods are just as important for the quality of my writing as the productive periods.

    Maybe you have a similar deal?


  2. Inez Kelley

    Self permission is the hardest to grant. I am struggling with it myself right now, too. Let me know how those socks turn out.

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