Need Fuel not Gas

See this? (_!_)  This is where I am right now. At the very bottom (haha) of my creative pit. I have a ton of stories in my head but I just really dread the idea of sitting down and writing right now. I have self imposed deadlines and maybe that is the problem, who knows. I just know that I would rather sit and THINK about the stories than to actually put my fingers on a keyboard and write them.

I tried pushing through it. Sucked. Like cheap hooker with braces.

So how do I refuel not the creative well but the energy one?  I need fuel for the what, energy pit? Furnace? Not gas tank. If I want gas, I will make a soup pot of ham and beans. I just want the DRIVE to do something. I am idling here, not in drive and not in park.

I have been sleeping more the past few days, trying to see if that helps. meh. kinda. I took Emily and Debbie’s advice and gave myself permission to NOT write and read other people’s novels. That was good. I went through 4 novels in 2 days, in different genres. I read a western anthology, an Urban fantasy, a mystery and contemporary. Some were better than others, and only once did I growl at the pages for what I considered stupid characterization.

Still not ready to type.

*sigh* I know myself. I do this. I have mini burnouts. To prevent a larger burnout, I SHOULD walkaway for a bit. But I have this THING called guilt. I feel guilty when I am not writing. I mean, I quit my job to do this. I have just started having a smidgen of success with my first story being sold to Samhain (yay!), now is NOT the time to flake out.

I have no answers. But I have an idea.

I am going to deep clean my twins room today, purge toys and rearrange furniture. I am going to buy an artificial Christmas tree and do some shopping for Christmas. I am going to clean out my kitchen cabinets. I will get my laundry caught up, even mating that damn basket of socks I have been rifling through for months. Boring stuff. This is how I will refuel. By doing mundant crap that I dread but still needs done. I bet the keyboard starts looking better by the end of the week. I hope.

If not, I can try the bean soup method. Either way, it is going to stink.


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4 responses to “Need Fuel not Gas

  1. Linda

    Sorry Inez, but I totally understand how you feel. 😦 Non-writing days just feel like they suck the life out of you. I just finished, during Fast Draft, a complete ms…you wanna take about burn out I’m your girl. This thing needs a serious overhaul, overall the book is good and has a lot of potential, but if I tried to send this sucker out now the way it is I’d be screwed..unfortunately I can’t just set it aside for a week or two and come back to it fresh cause (long story short) there’s an agent with the partial of it and if all the stars align she’ll be requesting a full any day now…so I’ve gotta work and edit and slash and tear, but the problem is…I’m so not in the mood for this right now. Which I fear will affect the edits and the overall book in the end.

    Stupid doesn’t even begin to cut it..sigh, I wish you better luck than me! You’ll get back to it, all good writers do, you just gotta not stress and that’s when the magic happens. 😀

  2. Not to worry. It passes.

    I’ve been dragging the words out of me for most of this year. Stress mostly. Plus I was going over the same ground as a writer.

    Then, out of the blue, I got a chance to co-author with an author I much respect. She requested me. I’m writing the hero’s parts and she’s doing the heroine’s. *grin*

    The work itself is something I wouldn’t have worked on before. The hero is an alpha male. The heroine a feisty English Lady. It’s set in 1788 Europe.

    I’m loving it.

    So don’t sweat it, Inez. It always comes back.


  3. I totally understand the burnout thing. I worked through one on one of my edits (okay, maybe all of them) of Breed, which I think is why I had to do so many extensive edits.

    I know this is going to sound like a stupid idea, but one thing that helped me is I took 2 weeks off (thanks, mama) and didn’t touch any old stories–I just wrote on a brand spanking new one. I wrote daily and it helped refresh my mind a little.

  4. mamadivine

    Have you considered doing something else that utilizes your creative juices? When I fall into a writing rut, I sew or craft something. The change in my creative focus gets me back in the mood to write.

    Go make something.

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