Not in the Mood

So, I’m almost done with a novel length romantic suspense. And when I say almost done I mean three days if I really worked. I wanted to finish it before I started on my rom/com for NaNoWriMo. And if I really tried I probably still would. But I’m just not in the mood. I don’t think it’s going to get finished before November first rolls around.

That scares me just a little since I’m afraid that while I work on something else I will get off the subject or the train or the zone or whatever it is that gets me to the end. If I lose that I will have a hard time ever finishing. And it’s a story I want to finish though it’s going to need some heavy edits.

Are you guys capable of walking away from a story and coming back later with the intent to finish? (Well, and the ability to actually do that. Intent doesn’t necessarily mean much in AJ world.) I don’t usually do this. I might walk away near the beginning and pick it up again as much as years later but I can’t say as I’ve ever left at this point.

So I’m a little worried. But am excited about NaNo and love doing rom/com. It’s some of the most fun I have all year. Maybe I should just go to straight humor. Bah. Anyway, have you ever picked something up after taking a break when you were this close to the end?




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4 responses to “Not in the Mood

  1. mamadivine

    Write the during the first few days of NaNo or work on it when you need/want a break from your RomCom during NaNo.

    You have to finish this story because I’m waiting to read it.

  2. Inez Kelley

    NaNo scares me.

    I have walked away from a story and I am trying to pick it back up. Talk to me in a few months and we will see how it goes.

  3. talesfromthecrit

    I will Mama. It just makes me nervous. NaNo scared me the first time too Inez. But now I wait all year for it.


  4. Moira

    I don’t have much experience yet to relate, except that the story I recently subbed, I walked away from and it was difficult to get back into it.

    In fact, every story I have walked away from has taken awhile to get back into. Had to take it to dinner to get reacquainted. Silly huh? You would think I would learn…

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