1 Question Friday

What do you admire about your main characters?  Tell why if you want.



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4 responses to “1 Question Friday

  1. Linda

    What I like about my heroine is that she’s half-demon, half-human. She’s seen the worst that humanity has to offer and through it all she’s managed to rise from the ashes and be not only strong and powerful, but still maintain her humanity.

  2. mamadivine

    From WIP-B:
    Heroine D: Her spontaneity, which often gets her into trouble.

    Hero T: His laid back attitude.

    From WIP-R:
    Heroine N: Her don’t-take-crap attitude, which often gets her into trouble

    Hero C: His perseverance. He puts up with a lot to be with Heroine-N.

  3. The willingness to get out of their comfort zones to do something they want to do. To me that takes blind courage without the gurantee of results.

  4. jodi

    you know what I like? That my people stick with me, even when I’m an idiot. If they were real people, they’d have kicked me to the curb by now.

    Do you know if you say heroine-N, it comes out heroineine? 🙂

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