Growth (sorry for the lame title, couldn’t think of anything better)

I’m reworking a story I started about ten or so years ago.   My writing style has changed a lot since then.  Thank goodness.  Purple prose was a close friend of mine.  We have since parted company.  The original story has lots and lots of narrative. I have a hard time writing narrative now.  Burnt myself out.

And the dialogue at times is lame.  Lame in that it doesn’t fit the characters.  More specifically, my heroine.  Who is tough, sarcastic and has a mean streak.  In the original, she has all these lame comebacks and juvenile putdowns that don’t fit her personality.  Fortunately, I discovered her voice during the rewrite.  And it’svery different than the one I forced on her in the original version.

I had a mini aha moment when I realized my heroine’s voice is tied to mine.    Not to my writer voice, but to my voice as a person.   When I started this story, I was young and not very worldly.   Now, I have more life experience, I’m more comfortable with myself and wear my rebel streak more boldly.   I can look at my heroine’s voice in the original story and her voice in the rewrite and see how much I’ve grown as a person.

So if you look back at stories or characters you’ve written a while ago or not so long ago, can you see how you’ve grown as a person?  How has this personal growth affected your writing?



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6 responses to “Growth (sorry for the lame title, couldn’t think of anything better)

  1. inezkelley

    Oh yeah, as I got more world exposure, my voice changed. what I thought was great is mediocre at best. The seeds are there, the details, not so much. Evolution of a writer is great to watch but it is a slow process, isn’t it?

  2. A few months ago I cleared out my desk. I found two books, complete stories in my handwriting that I don’t even remember writing. Time hadn’t been kind to them and the whole thing was a very surreal experience.

  3. I haven’t looked back at old writing recently. But I do recall doing it a year or so. I was impressed with it actually. Nowadays my brain is so addled from lack of sleep, I’m lucky if I can make a complete sentence let alone a complete thought. (that was a runon wasn’t it?) 🙂

  4. briaq

    When i was younger everything was about discovery and escape. I’m finding that (for me) just telling a good story is better than making a point. Every time.

  5. talesfromthecrit

    Bria that is an amazing observation and so true.


  6. I’ve found that the older I get, the less like me the characters become – on the surface, anyway. I re-read some of my work from nearly 20 years ago and was surprised to find that it wasn’t as bad as I expected, nor was it as good as I’d thought it to be, back then.

    I guess, the personal growth I’ve achieved has actually helped me to write “What I know”, and to better understand the whole concept. I’m all about emotions, and so are my stories. I’m glad for that.

    I do know this for certain – I am *not* the person I was 20 years ago, but those characters still have promise. In essence, they *are* still the same people they used to be, but with more depth and history than I dared dream to give them.

    Here’s to “growing up”, y’all!

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