NaNo No More

My 2008 NaNoWriMo experience came to a screeching halt over the weekend, but ultimately, this is a good thing.

My muse has been AWOL for most of the month. She dropped a fab idea on me at the end of October…just in time to get me all fired up for NaNo…and then walked out without telling me where said idea should go. Sigh. Muse…the definition of unreliable.

I’ve been writing away, attempting to keep up with my weekly word count (I make progress during the week and then play catch-up on weekends), but my scenes have been listless. They’ve accumulated words, but not added to the plot.

So…on Saturday I made the decision to throw in the towel. NaNo is no more for 2008.

True to her perverse nature, my muse showed up for work as I slept Saturday night. I woke on Sunday with a clear understanding of my plot and where this novel needs to go!

Alas, too late for NaNo. Everything I’ve written so far is just character study…I didn’t even know who my villain was until Sunday morning! So…the 20,000+ words so far are reduced to “information the author needs to know but which will in all likelihood never see print.”

The good news? My novel now has a plot and direction and after a little more thought, I’ll be beginning anew because Nimue has work to do and people to save!

Onward and upward…and may your NaNo experience be rich!

Oh! And a contest announcement…click through and check it out!



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2 responses to “NaNo No More

  1. I’m sorry that happened. 😦 I tried NaNo last year, but the same thing … words, but nothing worth publishing.

    It was the pressure! Too much pressure I tell ya…. oh, sorry, I’m all better now. Hope the story flows from here on out.

  2. Thanks, Nina! It’s actually moving quite well now that I’ve removed myself from the NaNo madness…

    Who knew the muse was so picky?

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