My apologies for posting late.  We had internet issues today.

Every Thanksgiving before our family eats dinner, we each say what we’re thankful for.  So what are your characters thankful for at this moment in their story or in general?  And what are you thankful for as a writer?

I’ll post my answers in the comment section.


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6 responses to “Thankful

  1. mamadivine

    In my current WIP, the heroine is thankful for her best friend and that the hero is finally getting out of her car. The hero is thankful the lemonade the heroine threw at him didn’t get on his cast and for being home so he can take some pain meds for his broken arm.

    I’m thankful for chat challenges, my writing buddies and Romance Divas.

  2. jodi

    in my current wip (I”ll just use your words, lol) my hero is thankful I figured out the beginning, the heroine is grateful I figured out the beginning, and the secondary character is extremely grateful I wrote the scene that starts his story arc even if I don’t know where it goes yet–probably somewhere in the beginning.

    I’m grateful people can’t reach through the internet and strangle me, or I’d be dead many times over, and I’m grateful for my cp–wish we lived in the same state. I miss the chocolate.

  3. Hmm, interesting.

    Jesse is thankful to be alive. Death came too close.

    Carly is thankful for second chances.

  4. Oh, I am thankful for the invention of the computer and the ease of delete, c/p, etc. Pen and paper make things faster but I can never read my own handwriting the next day.

    And for Romance Divas and all the wonderful people I have met who have enriched my life and my work.

    And sweet tea and coffee…and potato chips.

  5. In my current wip, my heroine is thankful her mum’s cancer op has gone well and my hero is thankful my heroine is back in his life again

  6. I have two WIPs right now. In the first one, Touching Truths, Sebastian is grateful that Josephine agreed to his bargain to spend the weekend with him. Josephine is grateful that Sebastian is thoughtful of her psychic abilities and cared enough about her to buy all new bedding.

    In my paranormal WIP, Connall is glad that Keeley will help him track down his sister’s killer. Keeley is glad that she can protect Connall from the immortals who want to kill him. She’s also grateful for the warmth of his skin.

    Me, I’m grateful that I finished a book earlier this year (or at least a solid draft of one). I’m grateful to be on the board of my local RWA chapter for 2009 and I’m grateful that I finaled in a contest and got I half of a second book finished and plans for more books.

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