Calling DARKELF1 to surgery

So we can cut you up and find a more appropriate name for you. One that doesn’t read like a 32-year-old former online gamer’s AOL screenname…you know, the one he’s had since he was 17 and first found the Interwebs and GreenDragonInn.

I blame Dayna Hart for this. Ever since she mentioned in passing that she assigns type# names to characters who appear without a name, I’ve been doing it. The villain in my vampire WIP is known simply as EVIL ASIAN VAMPIRE and now I have this skank (not in the vampire WIP) known as DARKELF1.

AJ, forewarning that you might start seeing dream monsters crop up as DREAMGOBLIN1, 2 AND 3.

This is what happens to me when I’m too into the prose-expulsion that I can’t be bothered to stop and find a name. Tell me what you do in such instances.


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3 responses to “Calling DARKELF1 to surgery

  1. talesfromthecrit

    I actually get really hung up on the names. I can’t move on until I’ve come up with one. That’s funny though. If I see something like DreamGoblin1 I will stop until I can come up with the appropriate name, lol.


  2. I stop. I need a name to move on. Very very occasionally I will change the name a few chapters in but they never feel right when I do that.

  3. dayna



    I mean “sorry”.


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