Okay, I guess I’ll play

Has anyone ever pressed you to write something that they felt you would be good at and you resisted?  I’ve been doing this for about two years with my best friend.  She’s an adult woman who likes books with sexual tension but no sex.  So she reads Regencies and YA.  In a million years I would never write a Regency.  Although I do occasionally read them.  I just dont’ have the voice for historical.

So she’s been on me to write a YA for literally years.  I kept brushing her off.  I like writing sex.  I didn’t want to think like a teenager.  I was just thinking of any reasoning at all.

But finally she worked around them all and now I’m writing a YA.  This is a difference experience for me.  But now that I decided to play I completely can’t understand why I didn’t do this before.

This stuff is just rolling off the fingers.  An average 20 minute challenge in romance divas chat room is 700 words with this puppy.  With most other stuff it’s in the 300’s if it’s a really good challenge.  I’ve written 17K in about four days.

Did you ever resist and idea or genre and then give in to discover that you rock it?




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2 responses to “Okay, I guess I’ll play

  1. I am still avoiding the romsus that someone swears is in my head, no no no no, I can’t do it.

  2. talesfromthecrit

    I bet you could. I would read a romsus you wrote and that’s my genre.


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