Too many choices

“They” say choices ruin all sorts of things, from diets to novel progress. OK, I added the novel progress in there. Since I’m not single-mindedly focused on NaNoWriMo I’ve been having trouble focusing on anything. I did well enough for the first day or two, then nothing. Too many choices. Do I work on these revisions? Do I continue with that draft?

I’m not sure I’ll make a decision in time to accomplish much more in 2008, which is unfortunate as I’d set out to finish a longer work. My December is shaping up to be more engaging than I expected, though. This week alone I have a Christmas show Friday, a sweater party Saturday and a work holiday party Sunday. And then my mother will be here for possibly a week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

That’s a lot of time to waste without accomplishing something, though. Perhaps I’ll set a wordcount goal for myself or something.

In the meantime, others are writing even if I’m not, and my favoritest awesome CP has a short story up in a You Vote contest at – you should go read and vote. The stories are erotica, so you’re forewarned. Hers is the first story, “Getting Personal.” You can read and vote here:

Next week, maybe I’ll set some 2009 resolutions/goals.

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