Is It Wednesday Already?

Wow! December is flying by and not much is happening in the writing side of my life. Sigh.

Take today. I’d planned to spend the day plotting a historical that’s been driving my subconscious crazy. Instead, we’re playing “snow day” with my DD, her five-year-old son, soon to be three-year-old daughter, and newborn boy. Not to mention their two German shepherds who are enjoying a play-date with our bull mastiff.

Can anyone say “Hectic”?


Families…they’re what the holidays are all about. So if you’ll excuse me, the historical will keep another day while I snuggle the baby and watch the big boy play Nintendo…and later, there’ll be sledding down our steep driveway into our deserted cul-de-sac. A rare treat in the Pacific Northwest!

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One response to “Is It Wednesday Already?

  1. talesfromthecrit

    We had a very rare snow day yesterday ourselves. My son and daughter made a snow man, a treat that comes every few years. They had a snow ball fight. It was awesome. We had hot chocolate with candy canes. Writing can wait.


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